Q1:  What is a pool light niche?

A1: The light niche is the sideways “bucket” that holds the pool light into the wall. This niche can also be hand made using your pools plaster. Older pool light niches are 10" across.


Q2:  What is a pool light set screw?

A2:  The set screw for your pool light is located at the top of your existing pool light. It is a single screw. You can use your existing set screw or get a new one at your local pool supply company.


Q3:  What is an LED?

A3: LEDs are Light emitting diodes. Unlike incandescent bulbs they don't have filaments that burn out, they use less electricity, and they don't get especially hot. The life span of an LED surpasses the short life of an incandescent bulb by thousands of hours.


Q4:  What is your return policy.

Q4: Bla bla bla


Q5: How do you replace your pool light?

A5: Always consult a pool lighting professional when replacing your pool lights. 


 Q6: What kind of LED light should I buy?

A6: QwikLED will accommodate majority of new LED lights that are available. We recommend you measure the depth of your pool niche, and make sure to buy an LED that fits the depth of your niche and is shorter than the max depth. 


Q7: How do I place my QwikLED into my pool niche?

A7: Always consult a pool lighting professional when replacing your pool light. Set your QwikLEDs bottom tab on your existing light rings tab and use the single set screw to mount your QwikLED.