I used to have the old standard high wattage pool lights.  I could see my electric meter start spinning when I turned those on! I wanted to change over to LED lights but there were no quality options that were affordable or practical. I installed the QwikLED® system in my existing standard pool light fixtures and it looks great and works fantastic.  It's the only way to go!

Ric E.


The QwikLED® is easy to install and I've got a list of people I know will purchase them to save money on Color pool lighting.

Kyle D.


I thought I would have to wait until I could afford a full pool remodel to change the bright, white, energy sucking, ugly lights in my pool.  When my contractor told me about QwikLED® I was very excited about changing my lights to multi-colored LED fixtures without the expense of a full remodel!  On top of that we didn't even need to drain the pool!  The QwikLEDs were a perfect upgrade to make my pool look like a beautiful water feature at night.  Thank you QwikLED®!  

Peggy S.


I'm a Pool Service Technician and I service and repair a lot of pools in my home area.  I've already sold several of these without the client even seeing the product.  They wanted to get rid of their expensive standard white LED's and when I told them they can have color changing and a small fixture - there was no objection, just, "when can you get this done"...

Jacob G.