Founded in 2015, QwikLED® was created because of a demand for new LED lighting in older pools. Approximately 95% of pools in the United States still have older pool light niches making it impossible to replace them with a new small LED bulb. This issue has not only made it costly to replace older lights, but also has made it economically demanding for pool owners to try and simply reduce their energy usage and/or enjoy color LED lighting.

This has been a problem for not only pool owners but individuals working in the pool industry for years. Industry pros want to help customers update their pool lighting and know that LEDs should be an option for all pool owners. The benefits of LEDs are incredible. LEDs are cost effective saving pool owners up to 80% on pool lighting costs. LED's are energy efficient and can last up to 20 times longer than your old energy consuming pool light. Plus, they are aesthetically more appealing because of the wide variety of multicolored LED options they provide. NOW with QwikLED® we can make these benefits of LEDs a reality for all pool owners. 

To put it simply, QwikLED® was inspired because we want the pool industry professionals to succeed. Most importantly here at QwikLED® we want to provide options for everyone's clients to achieve the pool of their dreams.

From our family to yours, let's keep that energy use down.

QwikLED pool light conversion kit