NOTICE: Only a properly trained and licensed professional should attempt to remove or replace a pool light.

Will the QwikLED® fit into my pool Niche?

There are generally two types of pool niches: A standard or large (“pool niche”) and small or “Spa Size”. Many pool and spas (especially older ones) use the large standard niche for both the pool and spa. Some spas do have a smaller niche. Although we have the plans and patents for both, at this early juncture we are starting with QwikLED’s to fit the large or standard niche at this time. LEDs to fit the small niche are available and work well with pool LED lights.

What exactly is the “Niche”?

The niche is the area behind your existing pool or spa light. Behind that light there is a large hole in the pool wall. For most older pools this is hand-carved and utilizes a brass light ring, but there are also Stainless Steel and Plastic-type niches as well. The large hole is to ensure the light fixture and enough cord will fit inside the pool wall.

Are Niches all the same?

For the most part, niches are comprised of a “light ring” which includes a “Set Tab” that should be near the bottom center of the opening and a Screw Tab with a screw hole near the top center of the niche. 

When the screwed is removed – the niche can be released from the top and then pulled up and out of the niche and up and out of your pool. Yes, essentially one simple screw holds the light fixture into the niche!

Are there limits to the size of LED’s that can be put into the QwikLED®/Light Niche?

Yes, light niches have a fixed dimension from front to rear (depth), usually around 8 to 9 inches or so. When you select a new LED light make sure it is no longer than the depth of your light niche and give it an extra inch or so. We have found anything about 7-1/2 inches or less will fit fine. But to be sure – measure from the finish of the light ring of the pool to the rear of the light niche and subtract an inch or so. Newer LEDs have much short length, but older LEDs may be too long to fit so double check this.

Do all LED’s fit the QwikLED®?

There are a lot of LEDs out there – but most new technology LEDs are standard at 1-1/2 inch threaded. The QwikLED® is made for these lights. By the way – the reason most are of this size is that it makes it easier for all pool builders to run a standard pipe size to affix a new LED light. There are a few non-threaded LED lights out there – so just check to make sure. Most manufacturers like Pentair, Jandy, S.R. Smith and Hayward make beautiful 1-1/2 inch LEDs and corresponding controls.

Are there differences in LED lights and brightness?

Yes, these are generally specified as Lumens in the manufacturer’s specifications.

How do I choose an LED light – by brightness?

LED Lights are becoming smaller and brighter, but you should consider your pool size and the lighting effect you want. A bright pool light is not always the best option. You want to light your pool for safety reasons, but you do not want to blind your swimmers either. Most of us are used to a bright white pool light because that was only what was installed. A heat lamp is only 250 Watts – a pool light is 300 to 500 watts, yikes! Spend some time researching online and look at your choices. In most new pools we construct we are not using the most powerful LED, we consider the length, depth and effect we want, but if you only have one pool light niche then a brighter LED may be best for you. Each manufacturer is different – so a little research goes a long way.

What if the Niche is deformed or not standard?

It is always best to inspect you light niche before you purchase. Sometimes the brass ring is broken or deformed. You may want to have a pool professional dive in and look.

Occasionally, a pool niche with a brass light ring will have a broken Set Screw Tab or other defect, this should be replaced before installing the QwikLED®. Having an improperly set light of any kind in your pool is not safe, so again, have a professional check it out first.

Can I modify the QwikLED® to fit?

Modifying the QwikLED® maybe required depending on the installation difficulty.  We have had trouble with the set screw hole being a little offset – and the technician enlarged the top hole with a drill bit to make it fit better. 

 This usually occurs when the light ring is flexible which is common on the plaster light niche with a stainless light ring and sometimes the brass plaster ring. Since there can be a little movement in the light ring the holes did not line up perfectly.

We have found in most cases you just need to either manipulate the light ring a bit or use a longer set screw and make the connection with the thread before you screw in the adaptor.

In this case we made certain the set screw connection was secure and there was no chance the QwikLED® would dislodge.

The QwikLED Plaster is a Tight Fit?

With The QwikLED Plaster adaptor we recommend installing this when you replaster - and a test fit is always best.  The QwikLED Plaster adaptor should fit snug and we recommend using a rubber mallet if you need to tap the QwikLED plaster into place.  Tap lightly on the adaptor plastic ring that surrounds the plastered area.  You may plaster the QwikLED in place as well - just install the adaptor with the light in place and ensure you don't plaster the adapter to the pool - keep the plaster inside the QwikLED adaptor edge...

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